Research Administration Advisory Council (RAAC)

The Research Administration Advisory Council (RAAC) meets monthly and serves as an advisory body to discuss, review and evaluate pre- and post-award processes, procedures, and operational issues related to sponsored programs administration at the central and college-levels.  It serves as a communication forum, an advisory group, and occasionally a decision-making body.  Its charge and functions include:

1.  Identifying areas of improvement with the goal of enhancing the function, efficiency, and effectiveness of research administration (both pre- and post-award);

2.  Serving as a forum for the discussion and vetting of proposed actions, programs, and policies impacting research administration; and

3.  Enhancing and facilitating dialog and communication among campus stakeholders and members of UNC Charlotte’s research administration community.


RAAC meeting agendas and minutes can be found below:

11/7/22 RAAC meeting agenda

11/7/22 RAAC meeting minutes


10/3/22 RAAC meeting agenda

10/3/22 RAAC meeting minutes


8/1/22 RAAC meeting agenda

8/1/22 RAAC meeting minutes


6/6/22 RAAC meeting agenda

6/6/22 RAAC meeting minutes


4/4/22 RAAC meeting agenda

4/4/22 RAAC meeting minutes


3/7/22 RAAC meeting agenda

3/7/22 RAAC meeting minutes


2/7/22 RAAC meeting agenda

2/7/22 RAAC meeting minutes


12/6/21 RAAC meeting agenda

12/6/21 RAAC meeting minutes