Vision and Mission

Research is fundamental to the mission of UNC Charlotte. New knowledge and creative works change the world and shape the future of the University.

The Division of Research at UNC Charlotte strives to advance the quality, diversity, and growth of research at UNC Charlotte. We place a special value on the translation of research results that impact our social, cultural, and economic communities.

To our faculty, we are committed to providing a sustaining environment where your research, creative, and service activities will flourish. We know that you have dedicated yourselves to discovery and that you work long and hard hours to be successful. We continue to place a very high priority on the creation and operation of quality research services.

To our partners beyond the University, we are committed to the growth and economic development of the Charlotte region and the State of North Carolina. Our faculty members support this growth by competing globally in their research domains and making their results available for the benefit of society. We particularly welcome research and service partnerships that build on the expertise and interests of our faculty and staff.