Research Administration Frequently Asked Questions & Resource Page

Research Administration Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit my own proposal to the sponsor?

If the award that will result from the proposal will be sent to the University to manage (i.e. financial management, research compliance, etc.), then the proposal must be submitted by an Authorized  Organizational Representative (AOR) of the University.  AORs are specially designated staff with the authority to bind the University.  Faculty and staff other than AORs are not authorized to submit proposals for external funding on behalf of the University.

The sponsor has sent me a contract or award agreement to sign.  Can I sign it?

If the award is to the University or will be managed via the University, a designated University official will have to sign the award in order for it to be accepted and processed.  This will normally be members of the Office of Research Services Contract and Award Negotiation team.

Who do I contact if I'm having any problems?

 Stafford Farmer at 704-687-1860