Ticket Submission & Tracking

The Division of Research is excited to launch our ticketing & tracking service. This is intended to improve transparency, ensure support to you if staff are out (a request is not going to a single person), and increase efficiency (our ability to evaluate if/where/why areas are slow and strategize solutions). Part of the goal is to ensure you are not waiting for an email response if someone is out and/or has too much work volume. As we implement and transition to this approach, we encourage you to continue to reach out to your points of contact.

Researchers and Research Support Personnel should submit tickets for inquiries, help, or information on proposal development, award management, contracting, IRB applications, IACUC applications, IBC, COI or questions about using NinerResearch.

Current/Active and Closed Tickets

To view your current and closed Division of Research tickets log into Smartsheet Dynamic View and access the DR – Division of Research Ticket Submissions view. Enter your email address and be sure to choose the option for logging into your organization. This will take you to the UNC Charlotte authentication page. 

Refer to the following for reference: