About Us

Research is fundamental to the mission of UNC Charlotte. New knowledge and creative works change the world and shape the future of the University. We value research in all its forms, including scholarly inquiry, discovery, exploration, innovation, entrepreneurship, creative activities, community engagement and/or interdisciplinary endeavors.

The Division of Research at UNC Charlotte strives to advance the quality, diversity, and growth of research at UNC Charlotte. We place a special value on the translation of research results that impact our social, cultural, and economic communities.

To our faculty, we are committed to providing a sustainable environment where your research, creative, and service activities will flourish. We know that you have dedicated yourselves to discovery and that you work long and hard hours to be successful. We continue to place a very high priority on the creation and operation of quality research services.

To our partners beyond the University, we are committed to the growth and economic development of the Charlotte region and the State of North Carolina. Our faculty members support this growth by competing globally in their research domains and making their results available for the benefit of society. We particularly welcome research and service partnerships that build on the expertise and interests of our faculty and staff.

Offices and Organizations

The Division of Research includes the following offices and organizations:

Office of Grants and Contracts Administration (GCA): The Office of Grants and Contracts Administration provides transactional support to college-based post-award staff and is responsible for overall sponsored program financial reporting and compliance. Award Management staff assist with tasks including award set-up and Banner budget entry, cost share, release time, and award close-out. Cost Analysis deals with recharge units, effort reporting and fringe benefits, and F&A proposals. GCA also handles contract negotiation and issues sub-awards to other participating institutions.

Center for Research Excellence (CRE): The Center for Research Excellence provides consultation services to faculty who are developing grant proposals.

Office of Research Protections and Integrity (ORPI): The mission of the Office of Research Protections and Integrity is to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations as well as University policies by partnering with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte research community in support of ethical research practices. The ORPI promotes ethical research practices by providing education, training, and resources to faculty, staff, researchers, and students. The ORPI oversees several research and research-related areas including human subjects research (IRB), the care and use of laboratory animals (IACUC), the use of biological agents (IBC), export controls, conflicts of interest, and research misconduct.

Office of Research Services and Outreach (ORS): The Office of Research Services and Outreach is the central administrative office for managing proposal submissions and outreach.

Office of Research Commercialization and Development (ORCD): The Office of Research Commercialization and Development identifies, protects, and commercializes university research and intellectual property. ORCD works closely with faculty, students, and staff to help bring new technology and innovation to market and assists with the invention and patent process, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, and material transfer agreements.

Office of Research Partnerships (ORP): The Office of Research Partnerships is the portal for business-university partnerships at UNC Charlotte. Regionally, ORP works with the community and the campus to accelerate technology commercialization and champions the growth of entrepreneurial ventures. Globally, ORP develops intellectual capital through collaborations with industry, government, and academia.