Office of Research Protections and Integrity (ORPI)

Advancing Ethical Research at UNC Charlotte

The Office of Research Protections and Integrity (ORPI) provides oversight, education, and support for integrity and compliance issues related to research at UNC Charlotte. Our staff promotes ethical and high-quality research by partnering with faculty, staff, and students in the navigation of the evolving regulatory environment.

As the University’s hub for research oversight, the ORPI encompasses programs for Animal Care and Use, Biosafety, Conflict of Interest, Export Control, Human Subjects Research Protection, Laboratory Animal Resources, and Research Integrity (Research Misconduct and Responsible Conduct of Research). Dr. Angelica Martins serves as the Executive Director for the unit. Please refer to the contacts below and to our component program pages for resources to support your work at the University. We look forward to assisting you!

Our Programs:

  • Conflict of Interest – Assists faculty and staff with program-related form submission and policies, especially U.P. 101.24, Conflicts of Interest and Commitment, and U.P. 102.1, External Professional Activities of Faculty and Other Professional Staff. Reviews conflict of interest (COI) disclosure forms and coordinates with department heads and the UNC Charlotte COI Committee to mitigate conflicts of interest.
  • Human Subjects Research – Facilitates the activities of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and supports investigators pursuing approval to conduct human subjects research.
  • Biosafety – In conjunction with the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC), ensures safe and compliant use of biohazardous materials in campus research.
  • Export Control – Protects the transfer of information, technology, commodities, and software in accordance with Federal law.
  • Research Integrity – Comprises the following programs supporting integrity in University research:
    • Responsible Conduct of Research – Ensures compliance with the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training requirements of various sponsors, including the NIH, NSF, and USDA/NIFA.
    • Research Misconduct – Addresses allegations of research misconduct in accordance with University policy and federal regulations.
  • Animal Care and Use – Coordinates the review of animal protocols by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) to ensure the ethical use of vertebrate animals in research or teaching.
  • Laboratory Animal Resources – Manages care of vertebrate animals used in research and supports investigators with tailored training and research services.


Dr. Angelica Martins
Executive Director of Research Protections and Integrity and Research Integrity Officer (RIO)

Sherry Loyd
Associate Director of Research Protections and Integrity and COI Officer

Cat Runden
IRB Manager

Tyler Forgette
IRB Specialist

Dr. Cathy Moore
Biosafety Officer

Lacy Kitchin
Export Control Officer and Facility Security Officer

Dr. Linda Connolly
IACUC Coordinator

Mary Tomida
Research Protections and Integrity Consultant

Ray Hartsfield
Research Protections and Integrity Specialist

Dr. Glicerio Ignacio
Attending Veterinarian

Saul Sotolongo
Research Security Coordinator

Sarah Moldovan
Animal Care Manager, Laboratory Animal Resources

Alvaro Perez
Animal Care Assistant Manager, Laboratory Animal Resources

Hernando Gordils
Research Specialist, Laboratory Animal Resources

Melissa Richardson
Research Technician, Laboratory Animal Resources