Export Control: Forms and Checklists

Forms and Checklists

International Travel With University-Owned Equipment


If you plan to take any University-owned property abroad, please submit this form for review and approval by the Export Control Officer at least two (2) weeks prior to travel. This form summarizes the requirements for an export license exception for temporary shipments or hand carries of University-owned property abroad by UNC Charlotte faculty and thus under UNC Charlotte’s direction. University-owned property includes equipment, components, prototypes, and materials, as well as laptops, tablets, cell phones, and other digital storage devices (including memory sticks). The latter are regulated because of their encryption capabilities. An export license may be required depending on what is on your laptop, tablet, cell phone, or digital device and to which country it is being taken.
Export Control Certification for H-1B, H-1B1, L-1, or O-1A Nonimmigrant Visa PetitionsU.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Form I-129 requires review and certification relative to export controlled technology or technical data released to a prospective employee on an H-1B, H-1B1 (Chile & Singapore), L-1, or O-1A nonimmigrant visa. The supervisor of a prospective employee must submit this form to determine whether an export license will be required for the prospective employee.

Export Control Certification J1, B1, B2, B1&B2 Combination Visa

Foreign visitors who will have access to buildings or laboratories containing controlled equipment must first be screened by the Office of Research Protections and Integrity and must have a plan of work or study approved in advance by the Vice Chancellor for Research. Submit this form to help determine whether an export license may be needed for the prospective scholar/visitor. Please also see Export Control Considerations When Inviting Visitors.

Technology Control Plan Template (TCP)

To prevent unauthorized exportation of protected items/products, information, or technology deemed to be sensitive to national security or economic interests, a Technology Control Plan (TCP) may be required. This basic template for a TCP includes a physical and information security plan, personnel screening procedures, and a process for carrying out the research in a controlled environment.
Government-Furnished/University-Acquired Property Accountable through FARIn accordance with the UNC Charlotte Government Property Management Plan and FAR 52.245-1, this form is used to record the acquisition of Government Furnished Property (GFP) and University-acquired property accountable to a contract.
Property Management Plan for Stolen/Lost Property Acquired Under FARIn accordance with the UNC Charlotte Government Property Management Plan and FAR 52.245-1, this form is used to report incidents of loss, damage, destruction, or theft of Government Furnished Property (GFP).
Transfer of ITAR-Controlled Information or Software to Foreign Person, Bona Fide and Full-time Employee of UNC Charlotte Under a specific exemption, the ITAR allows a university to disclose unclassified technical data to a foreign person who is the university’s bona fide and full time regular employee. The exemption is available only under certain conditions. This form is used to document such transfers.
Export Control Review Checklist for NegotiatorsThis checklist was developed to aid the screening of potential export control issues during contract negotiation.