Staff Directory

Office of the Vice Chancellor

Deb Thomas
Associate Vice Chancellor
Carolyn Aguiar
Executive Assistant
Sheri Rice
Director of Budget and Personnel
Michael Braham
Electronic Research System Administrator

Budget and Personnel

Lolita Gonzales
Assistant Manager

Contact me about:

  • University Business Partners (UBP)
  • DR Internal Grants
  • Financial Transactions
  • DR credit card operations​
  • Fixed assets inventory

Pearl Brown
Human Resource Specialist

Contact me about:

  • DR SHRA & EHRA Initiating / Hiring Processes 
  • DR HR Policies and Procedures
  • DR Record Management 
  • DR NinerTalent Actions
  • Grigg Hall Lost and Found​

Khadija Khalid
Business Services Coordinator

Contact me about:

 Andrea Maruri
Business Services Coordinator

Contact me about:

Jessica Thomas
Business Services Coordinator

Contact me about:

  • DR Financial Transactions
  • DR Credit Card Operations
  • DR 49er Mart Purchases and Payments
  • DR Financial Forms
  • DR Travel

Center for Research Excellence

Stacy Leotta
Assistant Director and Program Coordinator
Center for Research Excellence
Katherine Alexander
Proposal Development Specialist

Contact me about:

  • Proposal review
  • Proposal editing and formatting

Kailey Hess
Social Research Assistant

Contact me about:

  • Funding opportunity announcements
  • Funding searches

Office of RESEARCH Commercialization and Development

Bradley Fach
Director – Licensing & Operational Excellence

Contact me about:

  • Nondisclosure agreements
  • Material transfer agreements
  • New inventions
  • Licensing and commercializing University technologies
  • Patent applications
  • New company formation
  • Working with industrial partners
  • Intellectual property policy

Andy Gonzales
Patent Manager

Contact me about:

  • ORCD business office process

Arianna Harper
Technology Marketing and Outreach Manager
Bella Hux
Technology Transfer Specialist

Grants & Contracts Administration

Darlene Booker

Contact me about:

  • Daily responsibilities of Post Award Management

Senior Reporting and Subrecipient Compliance Specialist

Contact me about:

  • Daily responsibilities of Financial Reporting, Subrecipient Monitoring, and Audit Compliance on Sponsored Awards. 
  • Post Award research administration support for:
    • College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (excluding Biological Sciences)

Kathy Edwards
Sr. Lead of Sponsored Research Operations

Contact me about:

  • Post award research administration support for:
    • Belk College of Business
    • Mechanical Engineering Department
    • Research and Economic Development
    • Urban Institute
  • Lead for IT projects/updates for GCA Post Award Team

Lauren Gunderman
Senior Research Administrator

Contact me about:

  • Post award research administration support for:
    • Office of International Programs
    • Williams States Lee College of Engineering all departments (except Mechanical Engineering)

Shawnee Haney
Senior Research Administrator

Contact me about:


  • Post award research administration support for:
    • Academic Affairs 
    • Business Affairs
    • Cato College of Education
    • Student Affairs

Lynda Lockman
Senior Research Administrator

Contact me about:

  • Post award research administration support for:
    • College of Arts & Architecture
    • College of Computing & Informatics 

Christelle McKinney
Assistant Director, Compliance and Reporting

Contact me about: 

  • Financial reporting to sponsors
  • Lead for internal and external audits
  • Subrecipient monitoring

Madie Smith
Research Administrator

Contact me about:

  • Post Award research administration support for:
    • College of Health and Human Services
    • College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (Biological Sciences only)

Office of Research Partnerships

Greg Needham
Executive Director
Patrick Boyle
Associate Director – Health and Medical Sciences, and Bioinformatics
Administrative Support Associate

Contact me about:

  • DR/ORP website updates
  • ORP Financial Transactions
  • Federal work study students
  • FourWind content updates
  • ORP event management 
  • General inquiries and referrals 

Ali Mateen
University Business Partner Service Manager

Contact me about:

  • PORTAL Building Manager
  • DR website updates
  • AppSpace content updates
  • PORTAL fixed assets inventory

Jeff Woolard
Associate Director – Transportation and Energy

Research Protections and Integrity

Angelica Martins
Executive Director and Research Integrity Officer (RIO)
Sherry Loyd
Associate Director and Conflict of Interest Officer

Contact me about:

  • Conflicts of Interest (COI)
  • External Professional Activities for Pay
  • Organizational COI
  • COI Committee

Cathy Moore
Biosafety Officer

Contact me about:

  • Handling and working with biological agents on campus, including Select Agents
  • Institutional Biosafety Committee and Institutional Review Entity (Dual Use of Research Concern – DURC) protocol review and approval process
  • Risk assessment and risk mitigation for biological agents and materials
  • Biosafety training courses and requirements
  • Microbiological and Biomedical facilities renovation and design (BSLs-1/2/3)

Cat Runden
IRB Manager

Contact me about:

  • Human Subjects Research (HSR)
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocol review and approval process
  • IRB protocol submission system questions
  • Single IRB review/IRB authorization agreements
  • HSR/IRB training

Tyler Forgette
IRB Specialist

Contact me about:

  • Administrative review of IRB protocol submissions
  • Regulatory and compliance guidance regarding Human Subjects Research
  • Required documentation for IRB approval

Linda Connolly
IACUC Coordinator

Contact me about:

  • University Animal Care and Use Program
  • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) process and policies
  • Submitting IACUC protocols
  • Use of animals/animal tissues in research or teaching
  • Requirements for faculty, staff, and students working with animals

Lacy Kitchin
Export Control Officer | Facility Security Officer

Contact me about:

  • Export Control
  • Travel with University-owned property
  • Technology Control Plans

Ray Hartsfield
Research Integrity Specialist

Contact me about:

  • Research Compliance Quality Assurance
  • Research Misconduct
  • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)
  • IRB Post Approval Monitoring

Saul Sotolongo
Research Security Coordinator
Sarah Moldovan
Animal Care Manager
Laboratory Animal Resources
Alvaro Perez
Animal Care Assistant Manager
Laboratory Animal Resources
Hernando Gordils
Research Specialist
Laboratory Animal Resources
Melissa Richardson
Research Technician
Laboratory Animal Resources

Office of Research Services

Stafford Farmer
Senior Associate Director, Proposal Development
Monica Warner
Associate Director, Award Management
Natasha Walton
Associate Director, Contract and Award Negotiations
Nataly Tapper
Senior Award Management Specialist
Jordan Rizzo
Proposal Development Officer
Breanna Causey
Award Management Specialist
Award Management Specialist
Cameron 305B
Tanisha Bright
Contracts Administrator
Jelani Cooper
Senior Contract Negotiator
Sarah Johnson
Award Management Specialist
Cameron 305C
Chanelle Jones, J.D.
Senior Contracting Negotiator

Contact me about:

  • Negotiation of contracts and grant agreements with sponsors for research or other sponsored activities
  • Outgoing subcontracts under awards for external sponsored activities
  • Data use agreements for third party data
  • Master agreements with sponsors for external sponsored activities
  • MOUs/teaming agreements related to research or other sponsored activities

Caroline Kennedy
Proposal Development Officer