Division of Research Strategic Plan

In alignment with the University’s Shaping What’s Next, UNC Charlotte’s Strategic Plan 2021-31 and the Roadmap to Research Top-Tier Report, the Division of Research’s Strategic Plan guides our efforts through 2031. Please explore the full DR Strategic Plan to see how we support and grow research, discovery, creative activities and community engagement.

our vision

Our vision is to become a globally recognized, top-tier urban research university by creating an exceptional climate for innovation, discovery, and creative expression and establishing a collaborative culture that supports and celebrates the success of our faculty, students, partners, and region and helps them realize their full potential.

Our Mission

We enable discovery and creative expression, promote excellence, and accelerate the growth of the University’s research enterprise by:

  • Enhancing the grant-seeking successes of investigators and fostering deep, lasting relationships with sponsors and community and industry partners.
  • Meeting the needs of our research community by supporting the expansion and growth of areas of existing strength and investing in new, promising lines of research.
  • Establishing integrated services and streamlined processes and procedures that reduce burden, foster innovation, and promote creativity and impactful discoveries while ensuring the ethical conduct of research and compliance.
  • Fostering and nurturing a diverse and inclusive workplace and establishing a supportive climate where all employees feel appreciated, welcomed, and valued.
  • Celebrating excellence and creating a culture of high achievement.
  • Establishing and maintaining campus infrastructure and modern facilities for state-of-the-art research.
  • Supporting and promoting a path from research discovery to commercialization that benefits Charlotte, the state, and the nation and has a positive, lasting impact on society.
  • Fostering entrepreneurial thinking and a campus culture that is tolerant of new ideas, accepts some risks, and challenges individuals to “think outside the box”.
  • Promoting and broadening awareness of the value and impact of the University’s research programs.

Our Values

Focus on CUSTOMER SERVICE and Stakeholder Success

We achieve success through enabling and facilitating the accomplishments of the research community we support and serve. We listen to strive to understand our stakeholders’ needs and concerns and work to cultivate authentic, positive relationships. Every decision is made with the customer in mind and we aim to deliver the highest quality of service.

Achieve EXCELLENCE Together

We aim to excel in every facet of our work and approach every task and challenge with a drive and dedication to succeed – together. Our goal is to deliver superior services and support that is backed by an ongoing commitment to continual process improvement that regularly raises the bar on our performance.


We do our best work together and genuinely feel our whole is greater than the sum of our parts. Our success depends on our ability to build relationships, remove barriers, break down silos, and establish lasting connections among investigators. We depend on each other to tackle complex issues and identify solutions.

Demonstrate EXPERTISE

We pride ourselves on providing relevant, timely, and accurate information. We are committed to serving as subject-matter experts – and willingly share our know-how and expertise with others. This commitment drives us to maintain the highest degree of proficiency through training and regular professional development and education.

Value and Promote DIVERSITY

We are committed to ensuring that the Division of Research (DR) is a diverse and inclusive environment where different perspectives, thoughts, and opinions are encouraged and valued and all employees feel comfortable. We believe that diversity in all its forms (age, race, ethnicity, identity, and ability) drives innovation and that varied backgrounds, approaches, points of view, and experiences help generate better ideas and solutions that lead to more impactful outcomes. We strive to establish a welcoming and safe workplace that encourages, supports, and celebrates diverse voices and opinions.


We are open, honest, respectful, and committed to building a foundation of mutual trust with each other and the stakeholder we serve. We aim to behave ethically and always “do the right thing”. We hold ourselves accountable, take responsibility for our actions, and endeavor to learn from our mistakes. We model and promote research and workplace practices that align with ethical principles and compliance regulations.