University Vivarium Principles

The Vivarium provides housing and care for animals used in research and teaching at the University. The Vivarium is operated in accordance with the following principles:

  1. To meet the needs of research and teaching, the University will operate the animal facilities as a responsibility and a service in a manner consistent with federal regulatory requirements and good veterinary practice.
  2. The Vivarium will be a University, and not a departmental, facility. No single department or investigator will have permanent jurisdiction over Vivarium space.
  3. The Vivarium will attempt to meet the needs of all users. In cases where demand exceeds available space, the Vivarium will allocate space in a manner consistent with the University’s research and teaching goals.
  4. The actual cost of animal care will be determined by the costs of food and bedding, sanitation supplies, veterinary and animal technician services, and equipment maintenance and replacement, and certain parts of these costs will be borne by users.

The operation of the University Vivarium is under the supervision of the Director of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR), an American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine (ACLAM)-board certified veterinarian holding Certified Professional in IACUC Administration (CPIA) certification. The DLAR is responsible for all day-to-day administrative matters, including animal care, space assignment, and financial management.