Contract and Awards Negotiations

Contract and Award Negotiation supports the negotiation and acceptance of externally funded awards and related research agreements. The services it provides include, but are not limited to:

  • Review award for compliance with proposal, budget, and any applicable research compliance requirements
  • Review award terms and conditions for acceptability by the University
  • Negotiate award terms and conditions with sponsor as needed
  • Communicate with Principal Investigator(s) on potentially problematic terms and conditions affecting the project and possible resolutions
  • Release fully reviewed and approved awards for fund setup
  • Initiate outgoing subcontracts in compliance with prime award
  • Sign funding agreements as authorized signatory for the University

Contracts Management contacts:

Natasha Walton, Associate Director, 704-687-1885

Tanisha Bright, Contract Administrator, 704-687-1883

Chanelle Jones J.D., Senior Contracting Negotiator, 704-687-8879

Jelani Cooper, Senior Contracting Negotiator,