Research Administration Policies

Research Administration Policies

Below are a number of policies and procedures that provide guidance for UNC Charlotte faculty and staff as they develop research proposals, conduct research, and manage awards. This manual is a work-in-progress that will eventually cover proposals and awards from “cradle to grave” (i.e., from proposal preparation to award closeout). As the topics below are finished, the linked documents will explain these policies and procedures and provide information about whom to contact with questions about each area.

Table of Contents

10.0 Overview of Research Administration at UNC Charlotte
20.0 Proposal Development and Submission

30.0 Research Compliance

40.0 Award Acceptance and Set-up
50.0 Post-Award Administration

60.0 Reporting

70.0 Award Closeout


If you have questions about any of the terms used on this page or in any policy statements, please refer to our glossary for definitions.


Office of Grants & Contracts Administration:

Darlene “Darl” Booker
Director, Grants and Contract Administration

Office of Research Services:

Peter Szanton



If you do not find the contact that you need, call 704-687-1888 and we will connect you to the appropriate person.