Paying Tuition & Fees

Submit a Student Educational Award (e.g., scholarships, fellowships, stipends, travel awards) to cover a student’s expenses related to the cost of education. These awards will be processed by the Office of Student Financial Aid except for Travel Awards, awards to non-U.S. citizens/residents, and awards to students enrolled for fewer than 3 credit hours, which will be processed by Financial Services. All awards entered through this system must be educational in nature, including participant stipends. All awards, except for Travel Awards, will be processed as awarded financial aid that is included in the recipient’s Cost of Attendance calculation. If a Student Educational Award requires a Direct Pay Request (DPR), then a DPR will automatically be generated and sent to Travel and Complex Payments.


  • The grant/scholarship award will be paid directly to their student account at the University. Any amount awarded in excess of the account balance/charges will be refunded to the student. (However, not all students will receive a refund as a result of an award.) There are no duties required for this award. Please be aware that the students will be responsible for any taxable income that this award may produce.
  • Deadlines for form submission are established to avoid award revisions that result in the return of aid previously disbursed. Please submit all scholarship forms as early as possible, but no later than October 15 for fall awards; March 15 for spring awards; July 15 for summer awards. Submissions received after these dates will be rejected. Additionally, failure to comply with the timeline may result in the student having to repay other financial aid funds to the federal government or the University.
  • You may set a minimum number of credit hours required for the award to process. Awards will not process until a student meets the specified threshold of credit hours.

To submit a Student Educational Award:

Complete this form.

Specific instructions:

  • Information can be submitted for up to 10 students at once if those students are receiving the same award (the award term, amount, purpose, and the fund must be the same for each recipient.)
  • Award Purpose: If you choose “Other Educational Fees/Expenses,” you must specify what fees/expenses are being covered.
  • You will receive a confirmation email once you click “Submit.” Make sure to review this email for errors and the submission status of each recipient specified.
  • Once your submitted awards have been processed, you will receive an automated email notification.

To cancel a student educational award while in the process:

If the student educational award is not fully processed (the initiator has not received an email notification that it is completed), please send an email request that the award be canceled to the respective fund approvers:

10XXXX or 11XXXX funds, contact the Budget Office.

5XXXXX funds, contact Grants & Contracts Administration.

For travel awards, contact the Travel Office.

For all other funds, contact the Financial Aid Office.

Please attach the email received by the initiator containing details of the award to ensure cancellation of the correct award.

To revise a student educational award that has been fully processed:

If the student educational award is fully processed (the initiator has received an email confirmation notice that it is completed), please submit a revised award that reduces the award value for a particular student.

To reduce an award, enter a new award with a negative dollar value reflecting the value to reduce the initial award. If you are reducing an award, please include the lot number of the original award and the reason for the change in the comments section.
For example:

Award TypeDollar AmountComments
Original Award:$2,500.00 
Revised Award:-$1,000.00Enter the lot number of the initial award and the reason for the change.
Corrected Award After Initiating the Revised Award:$1,500.00 

Please attach the email received by the initiator containing details of the award to ensure cancellation of the correct award.

To increase the value of an award:

Enter another award with increased value and purpose.

The Student Educational Awards (SEA) Report:

The Student Educational Awards (SEA) Report can be found here under the Imaging Portal.