Locating Funding

New Funding Opportunities

Looking for funding? Access CRE’s updated lists of Federal Grant Programs, GRC Bulletin Postings, and more here.

New Conference and Presentation Opportunities

Are you looking for upcoming conferences to attend or opportunities to present? CRE curates an updated list of upcoming conference and presentation opportunities.

Limited Submission Programs:

For programs in which more faculty express interest than are allowed by the program to submit, UNC Charlotte must internally screen all eligible and interested proposals to select those to be submitted. Here are our procedures for Limited Submission Programs, along with deadlines to these programs.

Internal Funding Programs:

UNC Charlotte sponsors several internally-funded programs, including the Faculty Research Grants and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning programs, to help our faculty conduct their research, creative and service activities. More information on these programs is available on our Internal Funding Programs page.

Funding Sources Databases:

UNC Charlotte offers access to several funding sources databases, including Pivot and the Grants Resource Center, to our faculty, staff with research responsibilities, and graduate students. For more information on these resources, see CRE’s Funding Sources Databases page.

Programs of Interest:

Are you an early-career investigator, or a current PI looking for supplemental funding? Here are some programs that may be of interest to you, along with other information that may be useful as you prepare your application.

For Graduate Students:

Up-to-date search results from the Pivot funding opportunities database are listed for graduate student scholarships, grants, fellowships, and awards, by discipline, on CRE’s Funding Sources for Graduate Students page. Other resources for graduate students are available on the Graduate School’s funding page.