Grants & Contracts Administration Documents

Grants and Contract Research Administration Documents

Grants and Contracts Administration is committed to providing the UNC Charlotte research community with the services required to fulfill their research administration needs at an optimum level.

Below are a number of documents that provide guidance to the UNC Charlotte College Research Offices and Departments that work with the Sponsored Research Award Administration. These documents contain important information regarding many GCA functions and contain links to related GCA policies and forms.

UNC Charlotte faculty and staff can access the Department Guidebook through the Grants and Contracts Administration Canvas page: Project – Grants and Contracts Administration – Departmental Guidebook. Just enroll using your NinerNet Username and password.

Table of Contents

  1. Additional and Supplemental Funding
  2. AOR – Assumption of Risk
  3. Award Closeout
  4. Cost Share
  5. EPAF – Employee Personal Action Plan
  6. Financial Reporting Guidance
  7. Financial Transfer Request
  8. PD7 – Personnel Action Form
  9. Release Time Request
  10. Subrecipient Monitoring Guidelines

Please feel free to contact the Research Administrator assigned to your College / Department, if you have any questions.