Export Control

A number of federal regulations prohibit the export of specific technologies or enforce boycotts for reasons of national security, trade protection, or foreign policy, or based upon international agreements. Export control regulations, as well as boycott programs, have the potential to impact many aspects of the freedoms typically associated with research in a university setting, including publication rights, international collaboration, sending or bringing equipment to foreign countries (including laptops and cell phones), and the sharing of research technology (verbally, in writing or visually) with persons who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents. The consequences of violating export control regulations can be quite severe, ranging from loss of research contracts to monetary penalties to jail time.

This site provides access to the information and resources you need to comply with export controls. On this website, you will find:


The Vice Chancellor for Research is responsible for implementing and managing export control procedures. For assistance in understanding export control regulations and procedures or for help with specific situations, contact:

  • Lacy Kitchin, Facility Security Officer and Export Control Officer at 704‑687‑1877 for facility security, ITAR, foreign travel, visitor screening
  • Dr. Angelica Martins, Executive Director, Office of Research Protections and Integrity 704-687-1876, for all export control issues
  • Senior Contracts Negotiator at 704‑687‑1883 for Sponsored research-related issues (if applicable)