Grants & Contracts Administration (GCA)

Welcome to Grants & Contracts Administration at UNC Charlotte!

As part of the Division of Research, the Office of Grants & Contracts Administration (GCA) reports directly to the Vice-Chancellor within the Division of Research; in parallel with the Center for Research Excellence, Office Research Services, Research Protections and Integrity, Office of Commercialization and Development, and the Office of Research Partnerships.

Vision and mission

The vision and mission of the Office of Grants and Contract Administration (GCA) align with the Division of Research mission statement which ‘Strives to advance the quality, diversity, and growth of research at UNC Charlotte’. GCA is committed to creating a positive difference while maintaining a supportive environment for faculty and staff. Our mission is to always provide the faculty and staff with service and support. GCA is responsible and committed to stewardship of sponsor programs while facilitating compliance with sponsor requirements, OMB Uniform Guidance, other related rules and regulations, along University policies.

Throughout the life of the award, GCA provides directional day-to-day support to college-based post-award staff, faculty, and other units across the university to ensure financial compliance and proper accounting on sponsored awards.

GCA’s financial award management and staff responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Award Set up.
  • Monitoring and reviewing activities on sponsored projects including Banner budget entry, internal budget revisions, cost-share, and release time.
  • Monitoring for financial compliance on sponsored projects.
  • Monitoring participant support costs and program income.
  • Assumption of Risks (AOR).
  • Monitor IUCRC and Affiliates.
  • Prepare financial reports.
  • Subrecipient Monitoring.
  • Award closeout.
  • Managing external audit and desk reviews on sponsor awards.

GCA performs these duties and responsibilities in order to safeguard project funds and maintain a good relationship with sponsors.

Grant and Contracts Administration is committed to providing the UNC Charlotte research community with the services required to fulfill their research administration post-award needs at an optimum level. Please feel free to contact Darlene Booker (704-687-1873) if you should have any questions.

Here are some additional information links on research:

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Darlene “Darl” Booker
Director of Grants and Contracts Post-Award Administration