Initiating an Animal Study

All PIs will need an approved Animal Use and Care Protocol; allow 4-6 weeks for approval of a new protocol by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

In order to initiate an animal order for the Vivarium you must fill out this webform.

If you wish to transfer animals to a new or existing protocol, complete this form.

If you already have an approved protocol, but it does not cover imaging studies, an amendment can be submitted to the IACUC. Most imaging studies will use the procedures described in our UNC Charlotte Research Imaging Guideline.

If your study procedures are covered in that document, simply indicate that in the Animal Use and Care Protocol or in your amendment that your studies will conform to that Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

If you will need the assistance of UNC Charlotte staff to perform your imaging procedures, include in your protocol or amendment a statement that the imaging studies will be performed by UNC Charlotte staff under the UNC Charlotte SOP.

If your procedures do not comply with those in the SOP, or for assistance with Animal Care Application (ACAP) Protocol preparation, contact the Attending Veterinarian (AV) or the Office of Research Protection and Integrity (ORPI). Researchers from other institutions should contact our AV (name/email for assistance with obtaining an approved ACAP Protocol).