Research Related Fees

Fiscal Year 2023 Per Diem Rates, Effective July 1, 2022

Annual Inflationary Increase: 5%

FY 2023 Per Diem Rates
Mouse Standard Per Cage $1.20
Mouse Large Per Cage $2.25
Mouse Ventilated Sterile Per Cage $1.97
Rat Per Animal $0.75
Frog/Toad - Small Tank (1-10 animals) Per Tank $2.76
Frog/Toad - Medium Tank (1-19 animals) Per Tank $3.21
Frog/Toad - Large Tank (1-49 animals) Per Tank $4.16
Procedure Room Per Hour $9.95
IVIS Rate* Per Hour $44.94
Technician Assistance Per Hour $35.94
Veterinarian Assistance Per Hour $95.50
Mouse Shipping Per Crate $46.74
Surgery Pack       Per Pack $11.24
Pharmacy purchase items Invoice Cost Varies
Rates for Non-UNC Charlotte Academic and Commercial users may be requested by contacting the Vivarium via email (

*Notes on IVIS use:

  • IVIS training consists of instrument usage and data acquisition. Training/proficiency confirmation in handling and restraint, injection techniques, and anesthesia induction/maintenance must be completed before IVIS training can occur.
  • Cancellation: IVIS sessions can be canceled up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled use by submitting a meeting cancellation via Gmail or sending an email to All scheduled uses not canceled prior to 24 hours in advance will be charged at the normal rate, regardless of whether the instrument was used or not.
  • Data Storage: Once registered and trained, users can access a desktop folder in which to temporarily store their lab’s data. However, long-term data storage on the IVIS computer is not recommended, as this data is subject to deletion. Data may be removed from the IVIS computer using a USB flash drive or USB external hard drive.