Online CITI Training

As one of the basic education requirements for the Animal Care and Use Program, the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) online training program provides the conceptual framework for humane and ethical treatment of vertebrate animals in research and teaching. Specific CITI modules are required for individuals working on animal-specific research protocols and for IACUC members. Required modules must be repeated every three (3) years. If you have CITI-related questions, contact Angelica Martins, Executive Director of Research Protections and Integrity at 704-687-1876.

NOTE: CITI offers full support for the current versions of four browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, and Safari. For additional compatibility details, search the CITI Support Center.

Follow these steps to register and set up your training curriculum:

  1. On the main CITI page, click “Register” to create an account.
  2. Enter “University of North Carolina at Charlotte” for your Organization, then complete the guided registration process.

NOTE: For individuals who used CITI training at other institutions – You may log into your account from your prior institution and in your main screen choose “Add Affiliation.” Select “University of North Carolina at Charlotte” and complete any other required information when prompted.

  1. On your main page after logging in, scroll to “Institutional Courses.” Select “View Courses” beside the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
  2. Scroll down to “Learner Tools for University of North Carolina at Charlotte.” Click “Add a Course.”
  3. A series of questions will appear. Skip Questions 1-4. Answer Question 6 to access the courses required by the Animal Care and Use Program:
  • Select “Working with the IACUC.”
  • Select the courses applicable to all species with which you will work.
  • For researchers planning to conduct rodent-specific research: Select the course “Reducing Pain and Distress in Laboratory Mice and Rats.”
  • For researchers planning to conduct survival or non-survival surgeries: Select the course “Aseptic Surgery.”
  • For researchers working with unconditioned wild vertebrate animals Select the course “Wildlife Research.”
  1. Unless you have received instructions to complete additional training, skip other questions. Click “Submit.” The selected courses will now appear on your main CITI page.

To link your CITI ID with your Niner Research profile, follow the instructions in this guide.