IRB Committee

Dr. Lyn Exum, Criminal Justice (Chair) (2024)
Dr. Artie Zillante, Economics (Vice Chair) (2023)
Dr. Ahmed Arif, Public Health Sciences (2022)
Dr. Amy Canevello, Psychological Science (2022)
Mr. Alex Chapin, Academic Technologies, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, (2022)
Dr. Andrea Dulin, ADVANCE Faculty Affairs Office and Diversity Office (2022)
Dr. Paul Fitchett, Middle, Secondary, and K12 Education (2024)
Dr. Catherine Fuentes, Anthropology (2023)
Ms. Karen Garloch, Unaffiliated Community Member (2023)
Dr. Kathleen Jordan, School of Nursing (2023)
Dr. Michael Matthews, Special Education & Child Development (2022)
Mr. John Murphy, Unaffiliated Community Member (2023), alternate
Dr. Michael Putman, Reading & Elementary Education (2024)
Ms. Cat Runden, IRB Manager, Office of Research Protections and Integrity, ex officio, voting
Dr. Shawnee Wakeman, Special Education & Child Development (2024)
Dr. Lisa Walker, Sociology (2023)
Dr. Angelica Martins, Director, Office of Research Protections and Integrity (ORPI), ex officio, non-voting
Vacant, IRB Analyst, ORPI, ex officio, non-voting


Terms expire July 31th of the listed year.